Cats at Home Tees Valley

Why use a professional cat sitting service



Well, here are a few good reasons:

  • Cats are far happier and healthier in their home environment
  • Professional and personalised home visits by an experienced cat sitter
  • Providing attention for your cat(s) whilst you are away
  • Cat(s) are kept in the routine to which they are accustomed
  • Additional small pets cared for at no extra charge
  • Your home has a 'lived in' look to give more security while your away
  • You will not need to impose on busy family, friends or neighbours

Our cat sitting visits will allow your cats(s) to:

  •       Stay in the comfort of their own home, enjoying familiar surroundings
  •       Keep their daily routine, eating habits and favourite cap nap places
  •       Reduce travel trauma for both you and your cat(s)
  •       Avoid excess vaccinations and treatments
  •       Avoid unfamiliar environments
  •       Avoid contact with other animals and exposure to disease                             
  • And you can also benefit from our extra services, while you are away!


    Extra Services

    We also provide a number of additional services for FREE which will help your home to keep that 'lived-in' look, and help to deter criminal interest (the security of your home is an essential part of our service)

    • Security - We can remove post/open/close curtains, turn lights/T.V. on/off as desired to give the illusion the house is lived in               
    • 'Welcome Home’ pack'- Leave a shopping list of essentials (bread, tea, coffee, milk etc.)  and we will shop for these on your return.  (All shopping receipts will be added to your bill)                   
    • Texts or E-mails - If you are nervous about leaving your cat behind and want to know what they have been up to then you can receive free texts or emails to find out just how they are getting on
    • Small Pet Sitting - If you also have a small pet that requires looking after, Fish, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Budgerigar etc, we would be happy to care for these too at no extra cost
    • Plants/Garden - We can water plants at your request both inside and out. (There will be a small charge for larger gardens)

    Please let us know if you would like us to undertake any of these additional services during your cat sitting visits


    Who uses our Cat Sitting Service?


    • Anyone with a cat (or other small animal) who needs to be away from the home for a few hours, to a few days to a few weeks!
    • Owners who may have regular work commitments (including shift work and nights away/ business trips)
    • Owners who are called away at short notice/in emergencies
    • Holiday/short break Cover
    • Those who need planned hospital care
    • Sudden illness or accident
    • When someone dies
    • You can also use this cat sitting service for ad hoc feeding and care as well as in emergencies

    Even if you are not going on holiday or require our services at this time,

    you may wish to register with us as a new client,

    then if you are kept away from home for whatever reason

    we will be able to care for your cat(s)

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements