Cats at Home Tees Valley

 How does our cat sitting service work


First Steps


After Cats at Home Tees Valley receives your booking, we will send you an Information Pack, with a number of forms for you to complete. This will also include details of the Assessment Visit.

The Assessment Visit is free of charge and enables you to meet your prospective cat sitter and to discuss the care that is required.  It will also allow our cat sitter to complete the paperwork, which includes the veterinary release form, and our contract. It is also a good opportunity to meet your cat(s), show us to where your cat supplies are kept (food, cat litter etc.), give instructions to the likes and dislikes of your cat(s) and point out favourite toys and treats.

The Assessment Visit also gives you an opportunity to demonstrate any house alarms and key access to the property. You can give your house key to us at this visit (or can arrange for it to be collected at another time)

Prepare for the cat sitting visits

  • Ensure that there will be enough food, treats, cat litter, etc for the time you will be away
  • If your pet is on medication, notify your cat sitter ahead of time.
  • Leave detailed instructions on its use, even if you tell the cat sitter verbally how it's administered
  • If your cat(s) have collars with ID on, make sure that they are wearing them
  • If you are a regular visitor at the vets or your cat is curretly on a new medication or treatment, it is advisable to let your vet know in advance that you will be away and that a cat sitter will be looking after your cat 
  • Inform the sitter of any changes to your cats care. This is especially imporant if your cat has a health condition that needs to be watched.
  • Inform your pet sitter of anything that may be out of the ordinary with the house (sinks that don't drain properly, toilet that overflows, etc.)
  • Show the sitter where the thermostat is and how to operate it. Be sure to leave it set at a comfortable temperature for your cats while you're gone.
  • For cats that are to be allowed access to the garden, secure the yard or garden and lock any gates
  • Potentially dangerous plants or decorations should be put somewhere that your cats won't be able to get to them. Keep this in mind during the holidays when Christmas trees and other decorations are on display.
  • Place cleaning supplies where they can be easily accessible if needed. 
  • If you rent, give your landlord your cat sitter's name in case of emergency. Give your cat sitter the landlord's name as well
  • If you know your neighbours, it may be advisable to let them know that a cat sitter will be visiting. 

While you’re away

  • We will visit your cat(s) as required and make sure he/she is fed, watered and healthy.
  • The duration and services provided on each visit are flexible according to you and your cat’s requirements, but usually lasts up to an hour and may be shorter to begin with, until your cat(s) feels happy with us.
  • Our main aim is to make the cat happy so if they’re interacting and playing with us, we’ll stay for the full hour, if they are frightened or disturbed by our prescence, we may leave earlier.
  • We offer a 'Stay and Play' service which means that we will use the visit to attend to all your cats needs, including playing, grooming cuddles and providing a knee to sit on.
  • We will feed and water, then tend to chores like cleaning up after your cat(s) whilst they eat, after which we will stay for the full visiting period providing games and enrichment.
  • At each visit we will fill in a Report Form detailing the services carried out as well as details of what your cat(s) have been up to.

We will also carry out any other household tasks that you’ve asked us to do while you’re away. (removing post from sight/lights/curtains/watering plants etc)

If you would like to be kept up to date with what you cat(s) have been up to whilst you are away, we offer an email and text service and you can always call or email us to check.

On your return

  • If your return is delayed, please contact us and we will keep feeding your cat until you tell us that you are back.

  • We will not return the keys until we know that you’re safely back and haven’t been delayed. 

  • Keys will be returned to you in person, we will not post them through a letterbox or leave them with a neighbour

  • We retain keys at the clients request, or, if you prefer, they can be returned at the end of the visits. When keys are retained however, it does enable us to continue care if you require us at short notice in the future.

  • All keys are kept securely, and addresses and personal information are never attached.

  • If you have requested your keys to be returned, we will wait for you to contact us. We ask that all bills are settled before you request your key to be returned.

  • Due to the increase in fuel/vehicle costs, we are now making a small charge for collection or return of keys - This will be added to your Invoice.



Following the cat visits we will send you an Invoice via email (unless requested otherwise) about 2 weeks after your visits.

Payment can be made electronically or in person with cash. (We do not have the facilities to take payments on Debit or Credit Cards and cash should not be sent in the post) 

As from 1st January 2018, we will no longer be accepting cheques.

We ask that all bills are settled before you request your key to be returned.