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Q) What’s included in a visit?

A) Visits are flexible depending on you and your cat’s needs. A standard visit for up to three cats would be up to an hour. During this time we ensure that your cat has enough food and fresh water or any other dietary provision. We can also administer any medication that your cat requires. We clear litter trays and cat baskets if required and the rest of the time is spent interacting with your cat to entertain and stimulate your cat.


Q) Are you insured?

A) Yes, we are covered by Pet Business Insurance, provided by Protectivity.


Q) Do your vehicles have signage? - I don't want people to know that I am away!

A) Unlike most pets sitters, our vehicles do not have signage on them. This is so as not to highlight that you are away from your home.


Q) What happens if my cat becomes ill while I am away?

A) We will ask you for your Vets contact details before you leave. In the event of your cat becoming ill or involved in an accident, we will administer First Aid (we are Pet First Aid certificated) and ensure that your cat is taken to the vet and make every attempt to contact you or your emergency contact.

Q) What happens if I’m delayed on my journey home?

A) If you are delayed on your return journey, we will continue to visit at the daily times already arranged. On your return we ask for a confirmation call from you at which point we will cease visits, knowing that you have returned safely.

Q) My cat normally uses a cat-flap and can go out when he/she wants to. Will my cat have to stay indoors while I am away?

A) It is entirely your choice if your cat is to go out or to be kept in while you’re away. We are happy to let cats out and return to let them in later or allow them access to come and go as they please using a cat flap.

Q) Can you give my cat its medication(s) while we are away?

A) Yes, we will administer any medication as per your instructions.


Q) I have more than one cat. Do I have to pay more?

A) No, we charge per visit not per cat so you do not have to pay more for up to three. (Four cats or more may require a longer visit and will be charged accordingly)


Q) Will you look after my other small pet at the same time?

A) Yes, we will look after your other small pets at the same time and our service can be used just to care for your small pets.


Q) Will you keep me updated on my cats wellbeing?

A) Yes. If you want we can email or text you to let you know how your cat is getting on. You can also call or email us with any concerns.


Q) Can you do other things like water the plants, draw the house curtains, leave a light on etc?

A) Yes, we can and we offer this service for free.


Q) I havent got any animals but can I still use your service to make my house look 'lived in'?

A) Yes you can. We can visit and open/close curtains, put lights on and off etc for a small fee. Please contact use for a price. 

Q)  Do you use vehicles with the business name on the side? I'm worried about security whilst I'm away.

A)  We use plain vehicles without signage, so that our visits do not suggest that you may not be at home.

Q)  We have CCTV and/or sound monitoring devices. Can we use these whilst your 


A)   In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) clients must inform our cat sitters if they have any CCTV cameras and/or sound recording equipment in operation at their house.

Q)  Can I have my key returned after each visit?

A) Yes, you can. We are happy to return keys after each visit, however it is your responsibility to contact us to arrange this it may incur a charge.

Q)  Can you return my keys to me by putting them through the letterbox?

A)  No, we cannot do this. Keys will only be returned to you in person and you will be asked to sign a Key Return Form.

Q)  I have a Key Safe, is this okay?

A)  Yes it is, as long as we have the details of how to operate the key safe.

Q)  What happens if I need to cancel the visits?

A)  This will not be a problem, as long as you notify us in good time. (at least 24 hours prior to the visit you wish to cancel). A charge may be incurred if visits are not cancelled in good time.

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