Cats at Home Tees Valley


About Us

Cats at Home Tees Valley is completely independent and is run by Fiona Chesters and her partner Karl Birch.

Caring for cats since 2011, Cats at Home Tees Valley professional cat sitting service provides a complete cat care service to suit your cat’s requirements.

It was set up in response to Fiona and Karl's own cat’s needs, when we needed to be away from our home.

We are dedicated to cats!

Experience, Qualifications and Quality Assurance

We have over 30 years experience of caring for cats and other small animals and       took inspiration and advice from our resident 'expert', (Moucha), who we lived with for over 13 years, until she sadly passed away in September 2016.

Another cat?

In the Summer of 2016, we began to receive visits from a little ginger and white cat.

After a check-up at the vets, we found out that he was not chipped.

We asked around if anyone knew who he belonged to, but no-one seemed to know. He had been living as a stray for about a year. 

He continued to visit us and provided us with great comfort

after Moucha passed away.

In January 2017, we decided to make George part of our family 

and had him chipped as 'our' cat.

Meet George!

We hope that George will carry on in Moucha's paw prints and

continue to provide us with inspiration.

And then another.......!

Meet Calvin!

 who joined out cat family in May 2018

The Humans!

As well as many years of direct experience of caring for cats,

 Fiona has also volunteered at a local animal rehoming charity and also holds a Human First Aid and a Pet First Aid Certificates.

Us 'humans' also hold Pet Business Insurance and the NARPs Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business qualification.