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Cats at Home Tees Valley


A consistent and professional cat sitting service

for all your cats needs


Cats at Home offers consistent and reliable care for your cat in their own home, while you're away. Whether it's for a weekend break, a two week holiday or just a time when you can't be there.

Cats are creatures of habit and simply adore their home comforts, so staying at home allows them to follow their normal routines (such as sleeping in their favourite chair and eating from their own bowls!)

They are bound to miss you while you're away, but being in a secure and familiar environment means that they will be as happy and content as possible.

We offer a real alternative to a cattery, which is less stressful for all concerned

(no difficult journeys or having to get their vaccinations up to date before you leave them!)

Our goal is to make sure that your cat receives the best in-home care and we pride ourselves on our consistent and professional service.


Our service specialises in cats - and only cats!

Run by cat lovers for cat lovers because we know that

Happy Cats = Happy Owners!


Cats at Home Tees Valley is a member of NARPS UK and holds the NARP's Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business qualification

We are fully insured and hold Human and Pet First Aid Certificates 




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